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How do I upload a single document anywhere in my project?

This is for users who want to insert a single document anywhere within the checklist.

To insert a single document anywhere within the checklist:
  • As you move your cursor along your project, a “+” will appear on the far left of each row.
  • Click “+” beside the row you would like to add a document above or below. 

Click "+".

  • Hover your cursor over “Add Row Above” or “Add Row Below”.
  • A menu will appear prompting you to select from Header, Subheader, or Document.
  • Click “Document". 

Click "Document".

  • The sidebar will automatically open.
  • Click “Upload File”.

  • Click “Choose File” to select the file you want to upload.
  • Click “Upload File”. 

Please always remember to give your clients permission to view documents or they will not be able to review and sign documents when they access the platform. See How do I change permissions for documents in my project? to learn more about changing document permissions.