How do I sign documents?

This is for users who wish to sign documents.

See How do I set my signature? to learn more about setting your signature.

To sign one document at a time:

  • Once you've set your signature, click “Documents to Sign”.
Click “Documents to Sign”.
  • Click “View & Sign" beside the document you wish to sign.
Click “View & Sign”.
  • Click "Sign Document"

Click "Sign Document".

  • Click "Agree and Sign"

To sign documents in bulk:

  • Click “Sign Multiple Docs” underneath the Tab Bar.
  • Select the documents you wish to sign by clicking the checkbox to the left of each document.
  • Click "Sign Selected Documents".

Click "Sign Selected Documents".

  • Click "Agree and Sign".

To view all the documents you have permission to see, whether you have to sign them or not:

  • Click "All Project Documents" in the Tab Bar.
click All Project Documents to view all the documents you have permission to view, whether or not you have to sign them.