How do I set my signature?

This is for users who wish to set up their signature on dealcloser.

To set your signature:

  • Once you’ve accessed dealcloser, a pop up will appear asking you to set your signature. Click “Add Signature” to get started.
Click “Add Signature”.
  • Set your signature using one of the below options:
    • Draw your signature—use your mouse, trackpad or mobile device to draw your signature directly in our app and then click "Save Signature"
    • Type your signature—adopt your signature from a list of fonts by clicking "Select This Signature."

Click "Select This Signature".

  • Click "I Accept".

To change your signature at any time:

  • Click "Signature" in the Tab Bar.

  • Follow the steps above to set your signature.

Please note: if you would prefer to take a photograph of your signature on a piece of paper or if you have an existing .jpg or .png signature file you wish to use, you can email us either a photo of your signature or your .jpg or .png signature file (to and we will clean it up, make it transparent and insert it into your account. After, we will destroy the signature file and no longer have access to it.