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How do I bulk upload documents to my project?

This is for users who want to upload multiple documents simultaneously to their project.

To upload multiple documents to your project:
  • Click “Upload Multiple Documents” located on the right side above the checklist.

Click "Upload Multiple Documents".

  • Drag and drop the files you wish to upload or click “Choose Files” to select the required files. 

You can bulk upload up to 250 files at a time.

  • Click “Upload all” to upload your files to the project. dealcloser will automatically create a new row in your checklist for each file you upload.

Click "Upload all".

dealcloser automatically pulls the file name of the documents you upload and uses it to name the row. To save time, name your documents on your system with the name you would like to appear on your checklist.

Please always remember to give your clients permission to view documents or they will not be able to review and sign documents when they access the platform. See How do I change permissions for documents in my project? to learn more about changing document permissions.