How do I upload documents from iManage?

This is for users who wish to upload documents from iManage.

To upload documents in bulk from iManage:

  • Click "Upload Multiple Documents".
  • Click " From iManage".
  • Select files to upload to Dealcloser.

Select files to upload to Dealcloser.

  • Click "Select".
  • Click "Upload All".

Documents uploaded from iManage to Dealcloser will now be linked between the two platforms. If a change occurs in one platform, Dealcloser will detect this and ask if you want to update the other platform.

To upload one document at a time:

  • Click  "+" on the left-hand side.
  • Click "Add Above Row or Add Below Row".
  • Click "Document".

See How do I rename documents? to learn more about renaming a document.

  • Click "Upload Version".
  • Click "From iManage".

Click "From iManage".

  • Select the file to upload to Dealcloser.
  • Click "Select".