How do I generate a breakaway signature page for a document in my project?

This is for users who want dealcloser to generate a signature page for a document.

To generate a breakaway signature page for a document:
  • Click the document name.
  • Click “Add Signatures to Document”. 

Click "Add Signature to Document".

  • Click “Create Breakaway Signature Page”. 

Click "Create Breakaway Signature Page".

  • Select the Signers you would like to appear in the breakaway signature page by clicking the checkbox beside their name.

See How do I create an entity for breakaway signature pages? to learn more about adding entities, such as corporations, to your breakaway signature pages.

Optional: Create/edit a header and/or a footer for the breakaway signature page. 

  • Click “Save Signature Page”. 

Click "Save Signature Page".

When dealcloser generates a breakaway signature page, the font is Arial and the font size is 10. The font and font size cannot be modified at this time.