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How do I export processed Word Documents?

This is for users who want to export a processed Word document.

A processed Word document is a Word document that contains inputs filled in by dealcloser's automation system. As a result, the Word document will not have snippets anymore but completed values.

To export an individual processed Word document:

  • Select the row.
  • Click the down arrow beside Download Final PDF in the sidebar.
  • Click "Download Final DOCX". 

    Click "Download Final DOCX". 
To export processed Word documents in bulk:
  • Select the documents you wish to export as processed Word documents by clicking the checkboxes to the left of each row.
  • Click "Bulk Actions".
  • Click "Export Processed Word Documents".

    Click "Export Processed Word Documents".

Once the export is ready for download, it will be available in the Exports Tab in the Tab Bar under Documents