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How do I delete documents in my project?

This is for users who want to delete documents in their project.

To delete a single document:

  • Click "⋮" on the far right of the document that you wish to delete. 
  • Click “Delete Row”. 

Click "Delete Row".

  • Click “Delete Row" again. 

Click "Delete Row".

To delete multiple documents:

  • Select the documents you wish to delete by clicking the checkbox on the far left of each row. 

Select multiple documents.

If you want to delete all of the documents in your project, click the checkbox located underneath "Bulk Actions" to select every document in the project. 

Select all documents.

  • Click “Bulk Actions”.
  • Click “Delete Rows.” 

Click "Delete Rows".

  • Click “Delete Rows” again.

Click "Delete Rows".