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How do I create a New Project using my HighQ integration?

This is for users who want to create a new projecting using their HighQ integration.

  • On your Dealcloser Dashboard, click “Create New Project.”

  • Click on “Create HighQ Project.”

  • From here, you can choose the HighQ Data Site you would like to connect to for this project.

  • As well as choose the HighQ file location where you would like Dealcloser to send your closing book(s) and project archive files.

4. HighQ - Files locations for Closing Binder and Archive

  • Click “Next: Details.”

5. HighQ - Click Next for Details

  • Enter in your Project Details.

Note: the data location you select determines the geographic region where that project’s data will be stored. Once you select a data location, it cannot be changed. You can change the project name, estimated closing date and file number at any time.

  • Click “Next: People.”

  • On the “People” page you will have the option to select, and add to the project, any associated party (both internal and external) with the now-connected HighQ site.
  • Click “Create Project” to begin.

7. HighQ - People Page - Click Create Project-1