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How do I code documents for Document Automation? Part 2: groups.

This article explains how to organize Inputs into groups in the Input Form.

dealcloser's Document Automation system is very flexible but it's critical that you keep a few things in mind when coding documents:

  • Plan ahead - consider how you want the document or set of documents to behave when automated and think through what kinds of snippets (defined below) you'll need.
  • Be consistent with your coding - make sure you're using exactly the same codes for the same details every single time.
  • Small details matter - snippets are written in a very specific way and missing a piece of a snippet will prevent Document Automation from working.
  • To create groups in the Input Form to better organize your Inputs, use the following snippet format:

{{"Group name" | “Variable”}}

  • For example, if you want to add the group name "Share Details" to group Inputs related to the shares being sold in your project, you would use the following snippet:

{{"Share Details" | "Price per Share"}} 

{{"Share Details" | "Aggregate Share Price"}} 

  • If you use the above two snippets, your Word document will look like the following:

Word document coded with group snippet.

  • The Input Form in dealcloser will look as follows when collapsed (please note that the group name was taken from the snippet you coded):

Collapsed Input Form.

  • When expanded, the group will display the Inputs corresponding to the snippets in your Word document:

Expanded Input Form.

  • Fill in the Inputs as desired and dealcloser will write those values into each corresponding snippet in all your documents:

Filled Input Form.

  • The completed Word document:

Completed Word document.

  • You can update those Inputs in the Input Form at any time and dealcloser will update those details in every place within every document that the corresponding snippets are used.